Digital Social Interaction

Today’s wireless family


Accessibility of technology in modern family has changed rapidly over the years, the socio-cultural acceptance of ‘being connected’ all the time as basically a social norm today. The graph and stats of ‘Today’s wireless family’ gives an idea how family members access their information through devices such as smartphones. Family communications dynamics differ to pre digital age, skills level between the young and older differ in terms of access of content and information. The importance the understand the usages of the modern family in terms of connectedness with the web.

Social media overload


Facebook and egg social meda

The choices of social media on offer in modern web access have exploded many types and forms of ways people connect with each other socially or professionally.  All of which these outlets of social media offer different purposes, creating dilemma of staying connected through these outlets in order to keep up with the demand of the digital age. Access of these social media outlet has become part of many people lives now, not keeping up so it seems can be disaster and possibly left behind for good.

It is part of our lives


Selfie and sex update

Human interaction has expanded like never before, the digital age has provided us access in such speed and efficiency, that we are constantly connected and using these ICT devices. Our daily life has been penetrated by constant rummaging to grab hold of our portable ICT devices, in order to keep up to date with messages from friends, family and work. Spatial divide in the digital age has been reduced, where we are constantly accessible by anyone you keep in contact with. Boundaries are now slowly broken, and acts of using these ICT devices to broadcast messages to people are less of an enigma through our society today.