Transport Dilemma

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This item highlights some of the issues of Australia transportation and infrastructural issues that we have. In Australia we constantly have projects and solutions put forward to improve traveling and transportation in different elements. This blog post directly from the official parliamentary website indicates the elusiveness of change in High speed rail technology, which does not exist in Australia. A post which boasts the massive ability and opportunities to travel more efficiently and effectively around the major cities in Australia, changing the way the public will travel. It is a promise not even the post can certainly confirm, with a project commencement date of year 2027, would this transportation technology available today be running by that time? Who knows? The government institutions involved shaping the outcomes of these projects will be the results of having this technology available to the public in the future.


Sydney’s Weekend traffic

 sydney traffic 2014_03_31_00_13_08_


This articles highlights the continuous problems Sydney have with road traffic, it gives a great perspective of probably the most important forms of transportation in Australia. Driving it is a staple of Sydney lifestyle, the most convenient form of transportation available. Not only does business day’s traffic consume us in our daily commute, but it has now run over to weekends as well.  The article highlights the lack of infrastructural change in expansion in road availability to accommodate the ever growing uses of cars in Sydney. People association with their privately used cars are so profound, there are little possibility of using other forms of transports; either for work or leisure. It’s an ingrained practice in our culture which dates back decades ago, where cars and roads aren’t an issue. Even the sense of identity from our car usage are part of the reason users are reluctant to use other form of transport.


High speed rail between Sydney and Canberra be a reality?


This article supports and correlates with item 1, the advantages of having a high speed rail network in Australia. The article brings in a similar angle in support of the construction of this rail network, reducing travel time between major cities being one of the major plus of the network. This technology will not phase out other transportation means, but rather ease the strains on other transport alternative. Create a competitive market for transportation and improve the ways people will travel between major cities.


Implication of transport


This item has a depth analysis of technology and communication and its implication; it gives a good introduction into some of the factors of change involved in the evolving climate between technology and communication. Which includes example of impacts on social and economic activity due to the different elements of transportation.  The article looks into the implication of transport from a macro range, gives you a fundamental view of transformation of transportation system along with the urban changes that comes along with it. It ties in with item 1 and 2, notes the facts that major transportation construction projects are more expensive than they were in the past, so the cost reflect the introduction of better or more improved infrastructure in transportation or technology.


Commuter’s Rail Hate


The website ‘’ dedicated to defaming the credibility of the services of Sydney trains (formerly city rail). Public negative experiences with Sydney’s only train network plastered over a dedicated website. This item creates a few elements of socio technical issues that occur, for one the fact the website is dedicated in defaming the services of Sydney’s trains. Comprehensively ridicule many aspects of the services provided by the official website. Users with access to these tools to defame government services due to government services being unreliable, a form of protest which has become digital and widespread. The article “Delays hit Sydney train network’ highlights the issue in technology failure, also in relation to government management, malpractices and funding. Non qualitative service which many commuters rely on and fail to be satisfied in this digital age.


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