Technology Overload

  Spending too much time on the computer?

2014_04_07_02_06_46_China_s_Web_Junkies_Internet_Addiction_Documentary_Op_Docs_The_New_York_Tim 2014_04_01_18_36_35_Parents_concerned_over_problem_gaming_and_internet_addiction_ABC_News_Austral


Parents concerned of net addiction and china web junkies

The shift of computer and internet usage has erupted in the past twenty years; it is one of the most popular past time for children, teens and young adults in the digital age. Accessibility to these device towards addiction is too attainable, young people entitlement to these technology are suffice by the way education has changed with technology today. Social consequences of addiction to internet and gaming have not outweighed the intellectual benefits it can provide from access to these technologies. There are little identification of these problems with addiction to internet and gaming, because it is a social norm today for everyone is able to access these avenues of entertainment. For who it is to judge and prescribe these addiction upon users, there can be a fine line in age where everyone is constantly connected to these forms of ICTs.


Social identity and online identity


2014_04_03_17_30_04_Facebook_bullies_led_to_suicide_of_student_19_who_hanged_himself_Mail_Online 2014_04_06_19_34_18_How_I_Met_Your_Mother_Mystery_vs._History_TV_Episode_2011_Plot_Summary_I

Facebook bullying, himym

We are now more socially and publicly connected online than ever before, the emergence of social media has changed the landscape of how we communicate with each other. How do we divide and manage our normal physical social life with our digital life? The emergence of social media has brought users issues of maintaining the way we act online, as we should in real life. Even though technology has given us access to such tools, people need to learn to manage ethically and morally of how you present yourself and interact with others online. It cannot just be a free for all for people to express thoughts and emotions without repercussions. Differentiating reality and digital persona of oneself is a key element to establishing a sustainable identity online or offline for this emerging digital society.   <–how I met your mother, ep6 season 7, “Mystery vs. History”

Convenience to addiction?

Internet addiction Penny-Needs-Help-For-Her-Computer-Addiction-On-The-Big-Bang-Theory

Toilet and omg pic

Now that we are online all the time; it is more convenient for us to shop and browse to our hearts content. Is it really nullifying the time spatial difference in ordering stuff online and sending it conveniently to our houses or it’s just another avenue for people to be obsessed about. Physical locations limitation of trading hours to unlimited access to online stores offers different experience of interacting and deciding when purchasing items. This dilemma of being constantly accessible can be the death and pain of users who have or possibly have addiction to over excess.


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